Piccolo / Flute Cleaning Instructions

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Cleaning/Care Kit  /  Cleaning Rod   /   Oils&Lubricants   /   Pad Saver  


With your right hand, firmly grab the main body around the barrel joint. Avoid touching the keys when holding or assembling.

With your left hand, insert the head joint into the main body with a slight twisting motion. The embouchure hole (blow hole) should be lined up with the first key on the main body.

With your left hand, grab the barrel joint on the main body and hold firmly. The right hand should grab the lower joint just below the last key. With a slight twisting motion, fit the two joints together. The main key rod on the lower joint should be positioned to line up with the center of the last key on the main body.


On the end of the cleaning rod there is a reference ring. Insert the cleaning rod into the bottom of the head joint. The reference ring should be exactly in the center of the embouchure hole.

Adjustments to reduce the distance are made by turning the crown counter clockwise. Back the crown off the distance you want the head cork to move. Push the crown down tightly against the head joint. To increase the distance, turn the crown clockwise. As you turn the crown, the head cork distance increases.

Every 3 months, the head cork should be completely removed, cleaned and new cork grease applied. To remove, turn the crown counter clockwise until the crown comes off. Take your flute rod and push the cork down toward the embouchure hole. The head joint is tapered. Once the cork moves a short distance, it will fall completely out.

Clean the cork with a cloth and rubbing alcohol. Apply new cork grease and drop it back into the bottom of the head joint. Using your flute rod, push the head cork back up so the reference ring on the cleaning rod is exactly in the middle of the embouchure hole. Replace the crown.


Disassemble the instrument by grasping in the same position you used when assembling it. Avoid touching the keys.

Slide the cleaning cloth through the open slot of the cleaning rod. Draw the cloth back and forth through the bore on all joints.

Polish the keys and body with the polishing cloth. Give extra attention to areas where your hands hold and touch the instrument.

A small duster brush can be used to clean the dust and dirt under the key shafts. Be careful not to force the brush into any areas and damage the pads.

Clean the inside wall of the embouchure hole by dipping a swab in rubbing alcohol and running in an up and down motion around the hole.

Vacuum the inside of the case to remove dirt and lint. Clean outer case with a wet rag. Vinyl cleaning polishes work well to clean and shine the outer side of your case.


Do not chew gum, eat or drink soft drinks just before or while you play your instrument. Food particles and sugar are difficult to dislodge and eventually will affect the playing qualities. If possible, rinse your mouth with water before playing.

Never force the joints together. If they stick or go together hard, see a qualified repairman.

If you stop for a break or end your playing session; put your instrument back into the case. Avoid laying the instrument down unprotected.

Unless your case has a proper compartment, it is not advisable to carry books, music, papers or other large objects in the case.

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Recommended Accessories: 
Cleaning/Care Kit  /  Cleaning Rod   /   Oils&Lubricants   /   Pad Saver

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