Yamaha Silent Brass System Mutes

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Yamaha Silent Brass Series II System Mutes. Small and light, while still maintaining the quietness and pitch accuracy that Silent Brass has become known for. The module is smaller than a cassette tape & weighs as much as a cassette tape. Most of the weight is from the 9 volt battery that powers the unit. An external sound source can be plugged into the Aux-In jack allowing the player to play with a favorite song while the Output/Phone jack allows the unit to be connected to a sound or recording system.

Pickup Mute, Digital Processor, Stereo Earphones and Cables
   SB7X2 Trumpet
   SB6X2 Flugelhorn
   SB5X2 Trombone; bell size up to 8.5"
   SB3X2 French Horn
   SB2X Euphonium
   SB1X Tuba

  Name Condition With Trade Sale Price  
SB5X1.jpg Yamaha SB1X Tuba Silent Brass Mute New
SB5X1.jpg Yamaha SB2X Euphonium Silent Brass Mute New
SB3X.jpg Yamaha SB3X2 French Horn Silent Brass Mute New
SB5X.jpg Yamaha SB5X2 Trombone Silent Brass Mute New
SB6X.jpg Yamaha SB6X2 Flugelhorn Silent Brass Mute New
SB7X.jpg Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System Mute New

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