Yamaha AIRLift Stadium Stands


Yamaha AIRLift Stadium Stands by May - Modular Ready
Integrated with an innovative air-suspension system, the telescoping tube effortlessly glides up and down, ensuring easy, instant setup and positioning of the instrument. Simply lift the handle, guide the stand to the optimum position and close the handle to secure in place. Features a tripod system that allows one leg to adjust independently of the other two for stable support, even in bleachers.


RM-MASH-S Snare Drum Stand
RM-MASH-B Bass Drum Stand
RM-MASH-Q Multi-Tom/Quad Stand
RM-SHBXA-MR Multi-Application Keybaord Stand
         with RM-MAKADAPT2 Adapter (required)

  Name Condition With Trade Sale Price  
AIRlift-Stadium-Hardware-Bass1.jpg Yamaha AIRLIFT RM-MASH-B Bass Drum Stadium Stand New
AIRlift-Stadium-Hardware-Tenor1.jpg Yamaha AIRLIFT RM-MASH-Q Multi Tom/Quad Drum Stadium Stand New
AIRlift-Stadium-Hardware-Snare1.jpg Yamaha AIRLIFT RM-MASH-S Snare Drum Stadium Stand New
RM-SHBXA-MR-Keyboard.jpg Yamaha AIRLIFT RM-SHBXA-MR Keyboard Stadium Stand New

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